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May 2017

Spotlight: Qasimi
Everything you need to know about the London-based Fashion Brand.

Qasimi stands out from the crowded menswear market in London because of its approach to design, which sees the brand blend Middle Eastern influences with a distinctly London outlook, an evergreen military influence that goes beyond recreating the M-65 jacket and a focus on including politics into the brand.

When we asked Al Qasimi about why he focused on the blending Western details with the Middle East, he said “I always reference the Middle East in my collections as it is part of my background alongside the UK where I moved to at the age of nine. It comes naturally to me to have these two opposing worlds and then create a new vision.” He’s also influenced by London itself, “It is a melting pot in itself and has always encouraged multi-culturalism. And besides, of all times it seems fitting to be discussing these subjects today.”

These times, where it’s increasingly difficult to be apolitical, can also be seen as a reason why Qasimi has made a stand by infusing politics into the brand. “There’s always a strong political/historical story behind each collection that refers to the current landscape. And each piece of clothing contains a subtle reference to this within the collection. Ultimately it’s a dialogue, where on the surface it may not be so evident, but it is at the core of the brand.” (...)

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