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January 2017

...Across the road at Somerset House, Qasimi’s presentation brought a touch of the Middle East to the city, with Emirati creative Khalid bin Sultan Al Qasimi’s 2017 fall/winter collection featuring a rich palette of ochre, olive and mauve, which played out across a range of military-inspired pieces, tactile gowns and oversized scarves as the voice of John Lennon provided a lilting musical backdrop.

Meanwhile, Michiko Koshino’s more conceptual pieces mixed clubland with streetwear, with inflatable PVC elements — a signature for a designer whose work has been championed by the likes of David Bowie and Stella McCartney — appearing alongside black, white and tobacco hooded tops while architectural outerwear paid homage to this season’s inspiration of ancient Japanese warriors. Set in a dimly lit basement within the Institute of Contemporary Arts, the avant-garde presentation came accompanied by a glitchy static-heavy soundtrack and did plenty to reinforce London Fashion Week Men’s reputation as a platform for boundary-breaking fashion.

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