illustration for Wonderland.




First Journal

June 2016


Against a futuristic landscape, Qasimi laid out his vision for the future and explored the troubles of our time.

Politics on the menu

This season Qasimi put the political landscape at the heart of his collection. Drawing inspiration from a diverse set of influences that included the Gulf War, divers and contemporary architecture the designer sought to explore the state of politics trough the eyes of a young boy. The collection took the themes of the loss of innocence and mapping the future as starting points and the effect was powerful. Models stood on a futuristic metallic platform that evoked a dystopian desert and the presentation was accompanied by a video installation around these ideas.

Back to basics

The designer worked with across a diverse colour spectrum that encompassed soft mint greens, latte browns, stone and ombre blues as well as navy and black. The effect was to lend a sombre and thoughtful aesthetic to the collection, allowing colours to gently communicate rather than assert their presence. The paired down nature of the designs, which favoured signature button or pocket detail and crisp hems allowed the pensiveness of the colours to clearly come through.

The Shapes of Your Summer

Qasimi’s silhouettes were relaxed and perfectly executed. Wide leg trousers were paired with drop-shoulder suede coats whilst box jackets met with above the knee crepe shorts. Layering was also key here, with a range of fabrics draping over each other to create the ultimate off-duty silhouettes. Across the collection, clothes were shown with sandals worn tight up the ankle with an open heel. In all the loose cuts combined to create considered and pensive collection that mixed ephemerality and a sense of hope to striking effect.


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